The Brain Names Itself – The Iowa Review

Worse Horse & Forgetting I’d Already Forgotten – Pinwheel

Lived on Decaf, Faced No Devil – Harvard Review

Mother is Only One Letter from, Noon Says No Twice, + Wine Dark & See Thru – BOMB

A French Interior, The Voice of Trauma, + The French Interior as the Voice of Trauma – Better

Boy Eating Ice, Yes is the Only Living Thing, The Patriot – JERRY

Rhymes with Thigh Gap, “Maybe, Maybe” (Meaning Maybe Not), Poor Self of Steam, Pry the Lid Off the Terrarium, Red Badge of Courage – Narrative

WFM: Allergic to Pine-Sol, Am I the Only One – The Journal

Homesick + Mock Chlorophyll – Meridian

Everyone Here is a Tourist + Your Virtue Unswerving But Miles from Any Mark – Blackbird

Our Hearts Knitting Together, Unholy – Kenyon Review Online

Her Soul Had No Stripes + The Gay 90s – New Orleans Review

Yours – apt

If I Were the Moon, I Know Where I Would Fall Down – Gulf Coast

Miss Needles & The Divorce – The Paris-American

The Great Die-Up + Paraclete – Narrative

Glimpsing Wrangel from the Pack + The Sears, 1973 – Beloit Poetry Journal

Kicking Bear and Short Bull Give Their Testimony – Narrative

Harvest – Boxcar Poetry Review

Landscape with Grief Approaching – Front Porch

Gold 4 Ya Mouth + Round – Spooky Boyfriend

One True Thing + Funeral – H_NGM_N

First Kiss – No Tell Motel

Why Our Apartment Should Become My Apartment Again – No Tell Motel

Monologue So I Can Sleep – No Tell Motel

The Bloomery – No Tell Motel

Analogies for Ted – No Tell Motel

Pilot – We Are Homer (interview and video collaboration with Pete Burkeet) 

Other poems can be found in Crazyhorse, The Iowa Review, Washington Square, Best American Poetry 2015, Best New Poets 2013, Slice, Sonora Review, Animal Shelter, Web Conjunctions, New Plains Review, Yalobusha Review, Day One, The Wittenberg Review of Literature and Art, and ACM.

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